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Genealogy and Local History

The Genealogy Library works to collect, preserve, and make available genealogical resources to aid those who are exploring their roots in Boone County and beyond.

For inquiries about research requests or other library services, please see the section on Research Policies & Fees near the end of this page.  Through a partnership with Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library parts of our collection can be searched thru the Evergreen Indiana Open Source Catalog.





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Collection Highlights

Boone County Resources

  • Atlases and Maps, including Sanborn Maps for Zionsville and Whitestown.
  • Cemetery Records
  • City Directories
  • Census Records (1830-1920)
  • Family Records: 200+ Family Histories, 350+ Family Files
  • Newspapers on Microfilm (Lebanon and Zionsville)
  • Surname Files (over 60,000 records)
  • Phonebooks
  • Photos and histories of local businesses, churches, families, parks, residences, schools, and service organizations (with a focus on Eagle Township)
  • School Yearbooks
  • WPA Indexes:  Boone County Birth Records (1882-1920), Boone County Death Records (1882-1920), Boone County Marriage Records (184401920)

Indiana Resources

  • Reference materials (including histories, cemetery, birth, death and marriage records) for 74 of Indiana’s 92 counties
  • Lineage organizations – Society of Indiana Pioneers
  • Military Records – special focus on Indiana in the Civil War

United States Resources

  • Lineage organizations – Colonial Clergy, Colonial Dames, DAR, Mayflower, SAR
  • Military records – Colonial period, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War
  • Quaker records
  • State reference materials highlighting migration states from the East Coast (38 of the 52 states are represented in our collection)

Genealogy Library Research Policies and Fees:

Reference assistance is available at the SullivanMunce Cultural Center on Thursdays by appointment. If you are planning on visiting the SullivanMunce Cultural Center genealogy library and would like reference assistance on Thursdays, please make an appointment by calling 317.873.4900.

Patrons who visit the genealogy library in person, can make photocopies for $.25 per page and microfilm copies for $.50 per page.

Due to their fragile nature, we may be unable to photocopy or scan some of the items in our collection. This will allow us to preserve these fragile items to the best of our ability for researchers in the future.

Reference requests may also be made via letter, telephone, or e-mail. Our mailing address and phone number and be found here.

The following fees will apply to reference requests made via letter, telephone, or email:

Obituary Searches:

Microfilm copies of Zionsville and Lebanon newspapers can be searched for obituaries.

If the exact date of death is provided, we charge $1.00 per search, plus photocopy fees (see below). If the exact date of death is not known, the request will be considered a research request and research fees will apply (see below).

We ask that you limit your obituary requests to 10 per month.


1-10 copies


11-20 copies


21-30 copies


$5.00 for each additional 10 copies

Research Fees:

For requests requiring extensive research, which we define as research that requires searching multiple sources and/or requires more than 15 minutes to complete, there is a $20.00 fee (plus any copy charges). Research time will be limited to one hour.

For all fees, you will be invoiced for the amount owed upon completion of the research.